Would you like to make a painting together with family or friends? Maybe as a gift for someone in the group. Or do you have a team of colleagues who want to create something together in a different setting than the workplace. By making a painting together as a group, you share a journey with each other, through discoveries and challenges using colour, paint and brushes.

How: You get an example of what you have to make (negotiable in advance). One piece of the puzzle from the complete picture and none of the participants know what the whole will be. It looks like an abstract piece of work when you get started. You blindly surrender to the given image, but you can express this in the way you want and how it best suits you. (If desired, we can make some small preparatory sketch lines in advance, so that the "puzzle pieces" fit together.) When the individual paintings finally come together, the masterpiece is complete! The different styles of everyone are clearly visible and everyone contributes to complete the whole.

Costs: € 40/person, at least 8 participants incl. material

Where: At your location and takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours.