check-in session

When you have made something at home and you want advice about the result or a good tip, you can use a so-called check-in session.

During these sessions we will discuss your work and progress but no painting is done. We will look at how we can improve the artwork and if necessary, provide techniques to support you in your work, but not paint on the work itself.  

What can be discussed?

-How do I get more unity in the composition of my work?

-Everything looks flat, how do I get more depth?

-Why does the work look so cold?

-How can I make the glass in my painting look more realistic?

-My work is not exciting enough.

-Which brush or brushes should I use?

-Which colour combinations should I avoid?  

etc, etc… ..  

Such a session lasts about half an hour and costs € 25 or 5 sessions for € 100 (to be used within a year)

Remote sessions are also possible via e-mail or Facetime/Skype if Middelburg isn’t convenient.