Art classes


atelier28 offers courses in watercolour & drawing, acrylic/oil painting, and etching.

All the courses are given in Dutch with the possibility of English translations.  The classes are designed for beginners or people with some experience.  People with more experience are welcome to join us on our advanced classes.

Often people say to us ‘I can’t draw or paint!’  It can though be learned and of course some people can have more feeling for it than others. What is important however is that you find that step-by-step you can see improvements yourself.  The classes are not complicated and are often experienced as relaxing.

The painting classes have groups of around 16 people so that everyone has personal attention with advice and tips.  You learn a lot from other's work too.  The courses consist of 8 lessons (of 2 hours), in which you will experience the basic principles including knowledge of the materials, mixing of colours, painting of landscapes/flowers/town views, model drawing and perspective. Plus how you can create depth in your painting and how you can make it an interesting composition.
Every class includes a tea and coffee break.

The painting classes all cost €125 excluding material. A basic packet of good quality watercolour paper, brush and paint can be purchased from us on the first lesson for around €35.  We also stock a range of acrylic paint and canvases. A beginners set costs around €35.

The etching course is made up of 5 lessons on Saturday mornings (11.00-13.00) followed by 10 practice workshops where all steps of making copper engravings are explained and experienced, from preparing the plate to printing the etching off yourself.  The groups are small and the course costs €250 including all material. 

Extra: for all course participants free painting every Saturday between 13.30 and 16.00 in KunstCentrum Tholen.

When do the classes start? see our timetable